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Clear Topcoat
Clear Topcoat
Clear Topcoat

Artisan Enhancements

Clear Topcoat

Artisan Enhancements Clear topcoat Sealer is a zero VOC plant based penetrating sealer and varnish.  Formulated using next generation bio based chemistry and sustainable materials.

The Clear Topcoat is an exterior grade sealer. It has a creamy color (no oils are truly clear before they dry!) But it does dry to clear, matte finish.

You can apply a coat of the Clear Top Coat Sealer PRIOR to painting since this Top Coat is a penetrating sealer. This means it is quite strong and will sometimes pull tannins or stain up from the substrate or wood and into the paint. (disregard if painting over metal)  So, by applying a coat of the Clear Top Coat Sealer initially- it will seal the base in and prevent this. The finish helps protect your painted, plastered and stained surfaces. Clear Topcoat Sealer is a highly versatile product which works well with the entire Artisan Enhancements line, as well as other decorative paint lines.

I personally find it amazing in that it is a great option to use over our clear and dark wax once they have completely cured- meaning after your last application of wax....wait a good 21 days before applying the Clear Topcoat Sealer over it!

Always - a stockist will state NOT to apply a polyurethane, shellac or lacquer over wax. That statement holds true - but we have found that the Artisan Enhancement Clear Top Coat is the exception and can be used over wax that has fully cured and that was not applied super heavy.

It is always suggested to wait a week or two after LAST your application of wax before applying the Artisan Enhancement Clear Top Coat Sealer.  Some will go back over the topcoat once it is has fully dried with a light coat of clear wax just for the glide and sheen- and because they want that patina only wax creates. BUT that is not necessary.

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