Hey friends and fellow painters.  There is a new Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan stockist in town! You can now visit Airdrie Paint and Blinds at 111-2926 Main Street SE Airdrie AB to pick up all your painting needs

All Natural Sealers For Paint

A perfect complement to Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan, Artisan Enhancements Topcoats offer an alternative, protective finish to the traditional, hand-polished look of Annie Sloan waxes. Both Artisan Enhancements Topcoats; Clear Finish and Clear Topcoat Sealer have no VOCs or odor, and offer an easy soap and water clean up. They are applied with a topcoat brush and are water resistant once cured. The Clear Topcoat Sealer can be an excellent choice for finishing exterior pieces.



The Clear Topcoat Sealer penetrates well and gives an excellent finish to both interior and exterior pieces. It is a matte finish and is generally non-yellowing, but not recommended over Pure White Chalk Paint™. It can be used as a primer or sealer, as an alternative to shellac and, unlike other topcoats, it can even be used over Annie Sloan Wax.



The Clear Finish  is non-yellowing, even over whites and creates a satin to glossy finish; the more coats the glossier the look. This finish is for interiors use, and is excellent on cabinetry.



With the Artisan Enhancements Topcoat Brush, these topcoats are very simple to apply. Mix the topcoat well and apply a thin coat to your piece. Allow the first coat to dry at least 45 minutes to an hour before reapplication. For best results, let your first coat dry 24 hours before applying a second coat.




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Artisan Enhancements

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